Kerry Downplays Terror Threat: ‘Least Violent Period in Our History’

Tuesday while testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on the 2016 budget request, Secretary of State John Kerry said despite the threats and advances of terrorism groups such as ISIS and al Qaeda, “We are actually living in the least loss of life, violent  period in our history.”

When asked about the administration’s counter-terrorism efforts Kerry said, “This is a challenge and it’s a legitimate threat, and indeed there are risks at certain places at certain times. But no one should doubt, that not withstanding that, we are actually living in the least loss of life, violent period  in our history. There is an anomaly here. I think what people need to do is be vigilant but never scared.”

Kerry added that travel, SWAT teams, and government agencies sharing information have all gotten better but that “doesn’t mean a lone wolf can’t come along and do something.”

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