Dem Rep Cleaver: Tea Party Wants to Undo Desegregation and Women’s Rights

Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) alleged that the Tea Party wants to bring back segregation and make women “secondary citizens” at an event that on Saturday.

Cleaver recounted that during the Obamacare debated “we had Tea Party people all over everywhere, and they were screaming at us. And I’ll never forget this guy, on the steps of the Capitol says to me, ‘we want our country back!’…And I’ve got people on both sides screaming, ‘we want our country back!’ So I turn and I say, ‘well you can’t have it! You can’t have it.’ And the reason is we’re not going back! You can’t have it back! We’re not going back to a day when we were segregated. We’re not going back to a day when women were considered secondary citizens. We’re not going back! No, you can’t have it back!”

(h/t Mediaite)

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