Pollak: Joe Biden’s Fifty Years of Flip-Flops

In a half-century in Washington — spanning 36 years in the Senate and eight in the Obama administration — Joe Biden has flip-flopped on most major issues. On other issues, his former positions are no longer viable within the Democratic Party.

Joe Biden (Alex Wong / Getty)

Academia Comes After Joe Biden’s Anti-Busing Legacy

Former vice president, Senator and repeat presidential aspirant Joe Biden has a long record and some of it may come back to haunt him, including his past opposition on busing to end segregation.

Joe Biden addresses the alleged threat of climate change at an event during his tenure as Vice President to former President Barack Obama. (Penny Starr/Breitbart News)

Report: Wake Forest University Hosts Segregated ‘Listening Sessions’ to Advance ‘Inclusiveness’

Faculty and staff at Wake Forest University are hosting racially segregated “listening sessions” in an attempt to advance inclusivity, according to a report by the College Fix. This action is being taken in response to students and staff calling on university officials to adopt a zero-tolerance policy for “white supremacy” which they allege has plagued the campus via Instagram posts and yearbook photos from the 1980s.


Joe Biden 1975 Flashback: Segregation Is Better for ‘Black Pride’

The Washington Examiner uncovered an interview in the congressional archives of former Senator and Vice President Joe Biden speaking to National Public Radio (NPR) where he favored maintaining segregation between races, claiming it was better for “black pride.”

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British-Pakistani Bishop Calls for Burqa Ban

Michael Nazir-Ali, the Pakistan-born former Bishop of Rochester, has weighed into the controversy around Islamic face veils to call for a near-total ban on the garments, supported by former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey.


New California AG Becerra Dares Donald Trump: ‘Come at Us’

Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-CA), who was nominated Thursday to be California’s new attorney general, issued a forceful challenge to President-elect Donald Trump over his pledge to enforce federal immigration law: “Come at us.”

Xavier Becerra (Alex Wong / Getty)

Fact-Check: Tim Kaine Didn’t Mention That the Governor of Virginia Was a Segregationist Democrat When Barbara Johns Walked Out of Her School

While answering the first question of the vice-presidential debate Tuesday, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine mentioned Barbara Johns, who “led a walk-out of her high school; She made history by protesting school segregation.” What Senator Kaine failed to mention is that the governor of Virginia during Johns’ walk-out was a Democrat named John Stewart Battle.


‘No Straights Allowed’ – Students Lobby for LGBT-Only Accommodation

Students across the UK are campaigning for “LGBT-only” accommodation in order to escape “victimisation” at the hands of their heterosexual peers. The National Union of Students’ (NUS) lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) campaign is set to highlight discrimination against


Rand Paul Equates Criminal Justice System to Segregation at Black College

According to a report in The Hill, prospective GOP presidential contender Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) spoke at historically black Bowie State University today, where he “frequently nodded to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s idea that there are ‘two Americas,'” and made his case for criminal justice reform.

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