Rand Paul: Voters Can’t Trust Hillary, She Thinks She’s Above the Law

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said it is likely former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton broke the law by keeping government records after she left the State Department. According to Paul, the question becomes can the American people trust someone who believes they are above the law.

Paul said, “Well, here’s the thing. When you go high-ranking office, secretary of state, the president himself, they sign a statement when they come in saying all government records will remain with the government. They actually sign an exit statement. I believe, we’ll have to find out if she did sign the statement, saying that all government records remain with the government.”

He continued, “General Petraeus was recently accused of the same thing, of having classified information in an inappropriate location outside of government security. So I think when she says she needed this for convenience, not to carry two phones, I think convenience should never trump national security. I’m worried that she left government records in an unsecured site and actually she was still in possession of government records after she left government service.”

“This is about judgment this is about whether she has the judgment to lead the nation. It is about trust, also. Can we trust someone who says, the law is fine, the ambassador is not allowed to do this, but me, I am above the law and I can do what I want? I think the American people won’t like that. She will stonewall to the end and independent investigator is needed but I’m not sure who assigns that,” he concluded.

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