Rush: Dems Will Cry Sexism to Shut Up Hillary Criticism

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh predicted Hillary Clinton’s supporters will trying to mute criticism by branding it as sexist on Thursday.

Rush began by playing a clip from August 2013, where he predicted that Democrats would cast any criticism of a female Democratic president as sexist in the same way they have attacked President Obama’s critics as racists.

He later said “this Rule of Firsts that the Democrats have successfully implemented with Obama, it never works for Republicans.  It only works for Democrats.  The Rule of Firsts, the rule of no criticism of firsts did not apply, for example, to the first female secretary of state — the first black female.  That was Condoleezza Rice.  And it was open season.  The fact that she was the first black female secretary of state did not make her immune to criticism.  Because she was a Republican.  In fact, she was Sarah Palined.”

Rush added  that “people went after [Colin Powell], even though he was the first black male secretary of state.  The Rule of Firsts did not apply to him.  Nor did it apply to the first Hispanic attorney general.  George W. Bush broke the racial barrier on a number of positions, and it didn’t matter.  Every one of his appointees was destroyed, or at least they tried.  But with Barack Obama, any criticism is disallowed. Any and all criticism was chalked up to racism. And it worked. The Republican establishment, and many in the media just don’t want to go anywhere near being called a racist, and so they just shut up.  And now Hillary is attempting to implement it for herself on the theory that she’s going to be the first female president.”

Rush then cited a report from the Daily Caller on the group HRC Super Volunteers, which sent a list of words that they said should not be used to describe Hillary Clinton because they are “coded sexism.” A list that includes words like “polarizing,” “calculating,” “ambitious,” and “inevitable.”

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