Chris Rock: ‘Blacks and Baseball Just Ain’t a Good Match Anymore’ [Language]

Actor and comedian Chris Rock appeared on Wednesday’s “Real Sports” on HBO to discuss why black people no longer enjoy baseball and why that should terrify baseball.

According to Rock, baseball has not changed from its days when only whites were allowed to play, and with black America now controlling what is popular among the younger population, baseball is now dying.

“When you score in baseball, the coach says, ‘Better not look too happy about it or else a baseball will go whizzing by your head.’ It’s the only game where there’s a right way to play the game; the white way. The way it was played a hundred years ago when only whites were allowed to play.”

Rock later added, “Of the people who still watch baseball on TV, five out of six are white and their average age is 53. That’s not an audience, that’s a tea party rally. Baseball is dying. Literally. Maybe if baseball gets a little hipper, a little cooler, just a little more black, the future can change, but till then, blacks and baseball just ain’t a good match anymore. Blacks don’t seem to care but baseball should be terrified.”

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