Schweizer: ‘Clinton Cash’ Exposed Multimillion-Dollar Donations Never Disclosed

Sunday on Fox New Channel’s “Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace,” “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer explained the “pattern” of times Clinton supporters have business before the State Department, which he said “large payments” were made and “favorable actions are taken.”

Schweizer said the book has already exposed, “multimillion dollar donations that were never disclosed” that were never disclosed.”

“The point is basically when former President Clinton travels the world, which he does extensively, he spends time in the developing world, in Europe, when he goes there he’s usually wearing several hats,” Schweizer said. “When his wife was in public office, he’s the spouse of a very very public figure, head of a charity, giving speeches and probably there with an entourage that includes foreign businessmen that have matters before the government … wherever it may be. When you have profit-making backed by the government power your spouse has, i think it creates a very dangerous cocktail as far as interests..”

Schweizer asked, “In the uranium deal, there’s a $500,000 speech he’s paid by an investment banking form that is tied to Putin. He was paid $500,000. He had only given one speech in Russia five years earlier for which he was paid a third of that. The question is why did his speaking fees go up and why did it go up with corporations and individuals and with people connected to foreign governments who had business before the State Department?”

When Wallace asked, “What’s your answer?” Schweizer said, “My answer is that’s extremely troubling. Especially the fact you find it’s a very extensive pattern. There’s not one or two levels. When you have one or two examples, it’s a coincidence. When you have this many, to me it’s a trend.”

“I don’t have access to internal memos but you see this pattern of benefit,” he added. “That’s the key question. The analogy I use it like insider trading. I wrote a book a couple years ago on members of congress who were potentially engaged in insider trading. When you talk to prosecutors, most who are engaged in insider trader is they don’t see a e-mail. you watch the pattern. That warrants further investigation. That’s my contention. Here we  a series of actions that enormously beneficial. In some cases Hillary Clinton is reversing course on policy she embraced before for the benefit of Clinton donors and I say this warrants investigation.”

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