Kurtz: Some Garland Media Coverage Akin to Blaming a Rape Victim for Outfit

Fox News Media Analyst Howard Kurtz argued that some of the media coverage of the shooting at the Mohammad Art Exhibit and Contest is “akin to blaming a rape victim for dressing provocatively” on Monday’s “Kelly File.”

After hearing a clip of the SPLC’s Mark Potok comparing the event to a KKK event that could “bring out” violent black nationalists, “this is akin to blaming a rape victim for dressing provocatively, therefore she deserved it. This group, Pamela Geller’s has said some very harsh things about that I would not agree with. And obviously, in staging this event, it was intended to be provocative, and that’s blasphemous to many people. But the media have to recognize that this group, like any group, no matter how, ‘controversial,’ have the right to free speech without coming under armed attack.”

Kurtz also talked about event host Pamela Geller’s exchange with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, arguing “free speech is meaningless unless it applies to even groups that many of us would consider downright offensive. I disagree with the framing of Alisyn Camerota’s question. I think provocative is clearly covered by free speech. But, even more appalling, Megyn, is what’s being spouted repeatedly today on MSNBC. … It seems like on a day when many people could have been slaughtered, if not for the efforts of one brave policeman, too much of the media focuses on a group that they obviously don’t like, instead of on the outrageous conduct by these alleged jihadists, and on the free speech issue that has to be absolute if it is to mean anything.”

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