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Mohammad Art Exhibit and Contest

Garland Terrorist Allegedly Bought Fast and Furious Handgun

One of the terrorists involved in the attack on the Mohammad Art Exhibit and Contest in Garland, Texas, was allegedly allowed to purchase a 9mm handgun from a gun store that is connected to the infamous Fast and Furious gun program run by the Obama Administration in 2010. The pistol was said to have been purchased at Lone Wolf Trading Co. located in Phoenix.

Garland Texas Attack

ISIS Claims Credit for Garland Shooting

GARLAND, Texas – The terrorist group ISIS is claiming credit for Sunday’s attack on the Mohammad Art Exhibit and Contest. The group called the gunmen “soldiers of the caliphate” and promised more attacks will follow.

Prophet Cartoon Contest Shooting

Garland Police Officer ‘Probably Saved Lives’ says Department

GARLAND, Texas – The first police officer making contact with the shooters stopped both gunmen from penetrating the outer perimeter. Garland police executed a carefully planned response to stop the threat and protect the lives of the nearly two hundred people who attended the Mohammad Art Exhibit and Contest.

Attendees being moved to secure location by Garland school buses. Breitbart Texas photo by Lana Shadwick.

‘God Bless America’ – Song and Prayer Break Out During Garland Shooting Lockdown

GARLAND, Texas – Spontaneous song and prayer broke out while attendees of the Mohammad Art Exhibit and Contest were on lockdown. Shortly after the shooting began outside, attendees were taken into an area described by police officers as a “hardened shelter,” and told to remain there until the threat was neutralized.