AZ Sheriff: Obama Doesn’t Think Illegals Who Commit Violent Crimes Should Be Deported

Pinal County, AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu (R) declared “the president doesn’t agree with us” that illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes should be deported on Tuesday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel.

Babeu initially criticized the recommendations of the police task force regarding immigration enforcement, saying they are “are the finishing touches to President Obama’s no enforcement of the law when it comes to immigration because the majority of law enforcement are us, local, county, state, law enforcement, and of course, we’re going to run in to the criminals. And when they’re arrested, guess what? They come to our jails. So, this report actually says and recommends that they — the word they use is ‘decouple’ the relationship with the federal agents of ICE and Homeland Security with those of us in local, county, state law enforcement saying that we should not — not only work in cooperation when it comes to when we detain an illegal, or even for notifications saying to them ‘hey, we’ve got this illegal, here you may want to check him out,’ or the transfer of that illegal to their custody. And so, it further undermines the rule of law and it completely guts any effort to have consequences for breaking immigration law at all.”

He added that there was a message being sent to local law enforcement that they shouldn’t bother trying to catch illegal immigrants. And “There’s a disparity, you and I, and every American citizen, the law applies to us and there’s consequences, but it appears, and [its] evidenced right here in this case, this report…that we’re harming the perishable trust with law enforcement when we try to get into this area of holding illegals accountable for breaking the law.”

Babeu concluded, “what they’re saying, when we demand that these people who are illegals, after they’ve committed these most violent crimes, who wouldn’t agree with us that they should be shipped out of our country? Well, the president doesn’t agree with us. And that’s our problem here, is that we’re keeping these most violent offenders. … It’s mayhem when it comes to these issues.”

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