Morris: Hillary Stonewalled on Taxes to Avoid Insider Trading Prosecution

Thursday on Newsmax TV’s “The Hard Line,” political strategist and author Dick Morris discussed whether or not if Hillary Clinton can get away with her current campaign strategy of not releasing her email server or taking questions from the press and said Hillary has “faith in concealment.”

To prove his point, Morris told the story of the 1994 scandal when then-first lady Hillary Clinton was under fire for investing $1,000, and netting $100,000 through commodity trading.

“I remember one time discussing whether she should release her tax returns and The Washington Times said, ‘Unless you do we are going to push for a special prosecutor on the Whitewater scandal,’ and she refused to,” he said. “And I keep pushing and pushing and she kept refusing, saying it’s none of their business, blah blah blah. Finally I gave up and then a few years later I find out why. She didn’t want the insider trading of her thousand bucks on the commodities market where she made a hundred [thousand] to come to light because the statute of limitations on prosecution of insider trading had not run out yet. And the month it ran out, the month she could no longer be prosecuted, bang, it was released.”

On the email scandal, Morris said, “She is crazy to think this stuff isn’t going to come out. She sent these emails to somebody else. They can be subpoenaed. Their servers can be searched.”

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