Maher: ‘I’ve Had a Much Better Time’ Now That My Audience Isn’t ‘Strictly’ Liberal

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher revealed that he’s “had a much better time” now that he doesn’t draw his show’s audience “strictly from liberal sources” in an interview with comedian Jim Ross on Friday.

Maher remarked, in reaction to Jerry Seinfeld saying that colleges are too politically correct, “if Jerry Seinfeld is too politically incorrect for you, maybe you should look in the mirror.”

Ross added that he appreciated Seinfeld for “sticking up for comedy as an art form,” and wondered “why do comedians have to water down? Comedy is medicine. It’s the best medicine, laughter. You don’t want it generic. You want it potent.”

Maher also stated that “liberals are definitely more PC. I mean, I used to fight with this audience all the time because we used to get the audience strictly from liberal sources, then we got the audience, like, from everywhere, and I’ve had a much better time the last couple of months.”

Ross concluded that comedians shouldn’t have to change to meet the sensibilities of the politically correct, but rather, people should “become more thick-skinned.” And that the “PC police” shouldn’t take themselves so seriously.

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