Hewitt: Right Now, Ted Cruz Is the GOP Frontrunner and Would ‘Kill’ Hillary In Debates

Talk radio host Hugh Hewitt declared that right now, Ted Cruz is the frontrunner to be the Republican nominee for president and would decimate Hillary Clinton in a debate on Wednesday’s “Huff Post Live.”

Hewitt began by stating that Rand Paul has “the lowest ceiling, but the highest floor” of the GOP candidates, before talking about his advice to Hillary Clinton regarding the different Republican candidates. He said Marco Rubio is Clinton’s “worst nightmare,” and that Hillary should avoid debating Ted Cruz if he’s the nominee because “he’ll kill you. He’ll take your pipe, joint, and arm.”

Hewitt then said of Cruz, “right now, he’s actually, I think poised, given the rule set, as the frontrunner. … But, right now I think he’s actually prepared better to run the board than anybody else. I know conventional wisdom says Jeb’s got the money and Marco Rubio’s lighting up the crowds, and he does. But if you look at the social media engagement, if no other measure, Ted Cruz has got the deepest level of social media engagement.”

(h/t The Right Scoop)

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