Cruz: If Hillary Was Republican Media Would Have ‘Special Prosecutor Watch’

Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “MediaBuzz,”  Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said if a Republican had done the ethically questionable things Hillary Clinton did with private email servers, Clinton Foundation foreign donations and former president Clinton’s soaring speech  fees the media would set up “every day on every Sunday show,” a “special prosecutor watch.”

Cruz said, “Mainstream media is not fair and impartial. They are protecting Barack Obama and this presidency. I think no one is more ready for Hillary than the mainstream media.”

He continued, “If any Republican did what she’s [Hillary Clinton] doing right now, she doesn’t take any press interviews and the press is docile … How many criminal investigations are ongoing into Hillary Clinton right now?”

He added, “Let’s say a Republican admitted to conduct that on its face violates federal law and may well violate criminal statutes. The press would be in an outrage. Why hasn’t the Department of Justice begun investigating? She was the sitting secretary of state and she received millions of dollars from foreign nations, number one, directly into her foundation and number two, even more troubling, millions of dollars from foreign nations paid to her husband and what was presumably their joint checking account while she is sitting secretary of state. Now, that would on its face seem to violate federal laws if not federal criminal laws. What does it say about how partisan the Obama Justice Department? It should begin to investigate if she violated the law. But also that the press is sitting quietly. If  this were a Republican, every day on every Sunday show, there would be a special prosecutor watch. And yet the press quietly says it’s just the Clintons being the Clintons.”

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