Sanders: ‘Real Unemployment’ Is Actually Over 10%

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders claimed that the “real unemployment” rate is actually 10.5%, almost double the official government figure of 5.3%, during a speech in Portland, ME on Monday.

Sanders said, “When you talk about the economy we also have to have an honest assessment of unemployment in America. Now, once a month the government publishes a set of figures, and the last figures they published said that official unemployment was 5.4 percent. But there is another set of government statistics, and that says that real unemployment, if you include those people who have given up looking for work, and the millions of others who are working part-time 20, 25 hours a week when they want to work full-time, when you all of that together, real unemployment is 10.5 percent.”

He also criticized the high rate of youth unemployment, which he tied to mass incarceration.

(h/ts Daily Caller, Stephen Miller, and AubinLibby)

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