Levin: Iran Deal ‘Planted the Seeds’ ‘For World War III,’ ‘This Is Munich’

Talk radio host and author of “Plunder and Deceit,” Mark Levin declared of the Iran deal, “Barack Obama has planted the seeds…for World War III” and “This is Munich” on Tuesday.

Levin said, “Barack Obama has planted the seeds, in my view, for World War III. They were already there, but he’s moved it along. I honestly believe that the next, massive, conflagration, war will now be in the Middle East. And I believe the Saudis are going to get nukes, and the Egyptians are going to get nukes, and others, and you can hardly blame them.”

He continued, “[T]here’s no effective inspection regime here. There’s no effective sanctions. The Russians and the Chinese are not going to allow them in any event. Obama has sealed the fate of the next generation. … I really believe that one day this is going to lead to a horrific war.” And that the deal has “sealed the fate of the people of Iran” and “may well have” sealed Israel’s fate.

He later declared, “This is Munich. This is the 1930s.” And “Meanwhile, here at home, while he’s arming up the Islamonazis with nukes, he wants to attack the Second Amendment, nationalize our police force, open our borders.”

Levin then argued Republicans “can’t stop this deal” because Obama now only needs 1/3ds of the Senate to defend his threatened veto of any legislation opposed to the deal, which he will get because Democrats won’t buck the president’s “cult of personality.” And that Republicans have “already created a legislative scenario where they can’t defeat it.”

He concluded, “We have, incredibly, the most pathetic political, so-called leaders this nation has ever had gathered at one time, in both parties.”

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