ESPN’s Sarah Spain: Anyone with ‘Evolved Brain’ Had to Think Jenner’s Speech was ‘Powerful’

On ESPN Radio’s “The Dan Le Batard Show” ESPNW writer Sarah Spain reacted to the response to the ESPYs speech given by the athlete formerly known as Bruce Jenner in which Jenner used the platform to inspire other transgendered people.

Spain noted that the group of athletes and other celebrities at the event had a “a little bit more mixed” response to Jenner’s speech than to others, and that people today still do not understand transgenderism. She added that “anybody with any sort of evolved brain” had to think Jenner’s speech was “powerful.”

Spain said, “I just think anybody with any sort of evolved brain, and who has done any research whatsoever into trans, and also into the spectrum that our bodies can be on between male and female, it’s really not binary. Anybody who has done any looking into that had to have been watching that thinking, ‘This is powerful.'”

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