TN Congressman Introduces Bill To End Gun-Free Military Sites

Congressman Scott Scott DesJarlais (R-TN) discussed a bill he put forward to allow members of the military to carry firearms on military property on Friday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel.

DesJarlais said, “I don’t know why government wheels turn slowly, but this is a directive that needs be to changed, it’s been around since ’92. We’ve seen over 21 attacks on military establishments and recruiting offices such as this. Everyone’s aware of Fort Hood, they’re aware of the Naval Yard shooting. Now, everyone’s focused her on Chattanooga, and it’s one tragedy too many. Our men and women need the right to defend themselves.”

He added, “I think that times have changed and that’s pretty clear. When this directive was issued, maybe there was reasoning for it that made sense, but it no longer makes sense. You know, terrorism is here, it’s here to stay, unfortunately, and you know, this is a great example of why that directive needs to go away and go away fast.”

DesJarlais further argued, “I don’t know how anyone can look any of our military men and women, or their families and say they shouldn’t have the right to stop things like this from happening. So, I certainly hope there’s no opposition. You hate that there has to be a tragedy for something like this to move forward in Washington, but unfortunately that city works that way sometimes, but if that’s the case, let’s at least prevent it, or at least allow people to have a fighting chance.”

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