Chattanooga Shooting

Here’s How Many Lives Were Taken in Just 8 Armed Attacks in Gun Free Zones

Calls for more gun control almost always follow a public crime or terror attack in which the attacker–or attackers–use a gun. Yet many of the most infamous attacks take place in gun free zones–places where law-abiding citizens disarm themselves to comply with the rules while criminals take advantage of disarmed masses and open fire.

AP/Amarillo Globe-News, Michael Schumacher

Chattanooga Terrorist: The Dylan Roof of Radical Islam

On the surface, Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez and Dylan Roof might seem to have little in common but the brutal nature of their crimes. The former was a Muslim terrorist who killed five U.S. servicemen and wounded several others at a recruiting office in Chattanooga last week. The latter is the white supremacist who slaughtered nine innocent people at a historic black church in Charleston last month. Given the somewhat opposed nature of their respective extremist beliefs, they might even have been expected to hate each other, at least privately.

Abdulazeez / Roof (Composite / Wires)

Muslim Killer Prayed at Islamic Center Next Door to ‘Gun Free’ Armed Forces Recruiting Location

Mohammad Fazili is the leader of the Islamic Center of Williamson County. It’s located in a strip mall on Carothers Parkway in Brentwood, next door to an Armed Forces Career Center that features a “WARNING: Weapons Prohibited” sign on its door. Fazili tells the local Nashville, Fox News affiliate that Abdulazeez had participated in afternoon prayers there but “after the first two, three days of Ramadan he disappeared.”

Islamic Center 1

Time for the States to Lead: Arm Soldiers on American Bases

The murder of five unarmed members of our military on Thursday in Chattanooga by a 24-year-old, Kuwaiti-born Muslim terrorist highlights the utter lunacy of President Obama’s politically-correct order that prohibits members of our Armed Forces from carrying arms while on duty in the United States.

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