Zuckerman: Iran Deal ‘Seriously Flawed,’ ‘Hugely Dangerous’ From Israel’s View

US News & World Report Chairman Mort Zuckerman denounced the Iran deal as “seriously flawed” and “a hugely dangerous thing from the point of view of Israel” on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.”

Zuckerman said, “there is a great deal of controversy over how seriously flawed this agreement is, and how it’s going to be very difficult, in fact, to follow through on a lot of these, shall we say, checkpoints in order to determine what Iran is doing. But in any event, it’s a hugely dangerous thing from the point of view of Israel, which is why a lot of the groups –.”

After fellow panelist Pat Buchanan wondered why Iran would want a nuclear weapon, Zuckerman answered, “Well, I’ll tell you why, because if you follow the fanaticism of that religious grouping in Iran, you’ll realize this is not the normal kind of calculation, OK? They have a hugely serious ideology that drives most of what they’re doing.”

Zuckerman later stated, “Israel is going to be in a position 10 years from now, 12 years from now, where one single bomb, OK, on top of one small missile, could destroy the whole country, because who’s going to stay in a country if where — atomic weapons, atomic bombs can be dropped overnight and you can’t stop it? So, it’s a hugely dangerous –.”

He concluded, “I’m going to point this out, OK? Everyone of our allies in the region are up in arms over this thing. I mean, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, you name all of the people that we have normally to been to sort — Egypt, OK, the Emirates. I mean, we are in a situation — those people are always absolutely focused on this. And they are all terrified of what this is about.”

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