Coulter: People Would Like to See the GOP ‘Become the Third Party’

Columnist and author of “Adios, America,” Ann Coulter argued that “the people would like the Republican Party to become the third party” on Tuesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Coulter stated, “I see why Trump is dominating the polls. we’ve heard this for 30 years from politicians. Americans keep telling pollsters ‘No, we want less immigration. No immigration, stop with the immigration. Do something about illegals.’ And they always talk about securing the border when they need our vote. And then Rick Perry passes in-state tuition for illegals and says you don’t have a heart if you disagree. Chris Christie, the same thing. Marco Rubio runs against amnesty, and when he was running as a Tea Party candidate in Florida, he gets to Washington, spends three years pushing amnesty. Jeb Bush calling it act of love. Yeah, when they want our votes this is the way they talk. Trump looks like he really means it and he’d actually do something about it. But the Republican Party — they act like Dave Brat never happened. He didn’t take out Eric Cantor. … you have all the elites aligned against the American people on immigration.  You have the Democratic Party want the votes. The Republicans, as Trump is wisely pointing out, these Republicans are all beholden to the campaign donors.”

Coulter continued, “It’s getting to the point that I think the people would like the Republican Party to become the third party. They are lying to us. What they care about are their donors, the Chamber of Commerce. Wall Street, this globalism, and just treason to the American people. It isn’t just a fence. Americans want less immigration. And the politicians won’t give it to us. This is why Trump is crushing in the polls.” She added, “There will be, whether it’s Trump, or somebody else, the Republican Party is going to go the way of the Whigs if they keep refusing to listen to the voters. They don’t need Chamber of Commerce money, they need votes.”

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