Brooks: Trump’s ‘Low-Information’ Supporters Won’t ‘Show Up,’ He’s ‘Not a Conservative’

New York Times columnist David Brooks said that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is “not a conservative” and that his “low-information voters” aren’t “going to show up” on Friday’s “PBS NewsHour.”

Brooks argued, “I agree Trump isn’t going away, but he’s not going to get votes. … I think much less than he polls. He’ll poll really well. I think he’ll hang around 20 forever. But he — his voters are what they call low-information voters, that is to say, people who don’t pay attention to politics. And this is a conservative party, and he is not a conservative. He’s against entitlement reform. He’s for a single-payer healthcare system. His ideology is not left/right. It’s winners and losers. And I’m a winner, and all those people up — that you don’t like and you feel alienated by, they’re a bunch of losers. And so it’s not a classic ideology. I think he’ll get it because — for the reasons I cited earlier. For the same reason Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are struggling, he’s rising. He’s at the moment where the country wants some sort of weird insurgency with a lot of ego. And that’s him. And so he’s at the moment of the times, but I don’t think those people are going to show up. And he’ll just hang around at 20 percent forever, but somebody will eventually beat him.”

Brooks added, “he continues to be an incredibly gross human being,” and cited Trump’s comments about Megyn Kelly.

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