Trump: Sessions ‘Very Solid Guy,’ Who Gave Us ‘Great Ideas’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump praised Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) as a “very solid guy,” who “has given us some great ideas.”

Trump said of Sessions, “it is true that I spoke to him, and my people spoke to him and his staff. And he has a great — you know, he’s not, and he is not a wild man. You understand that. He’s a solid person. He’s not, you know, one of these guys that, [you say], ‘Wow, he’s pretty radical.’ He’s a very solid guy. And Alabama’s lucky to have him. He’s a great guy. He’s just a great guy. And he has a very strong inclination, and a very strong feel for the border, and what’s happening at the border, much more so than the other senators. And I’ve been watching this over the years, and I’ve been listening to him over the years, and I liked what he said. And, you know, he says you can’t have these people — we have — not only the jobs, it’s also, look at what’s happening with Kate and the security.”

Trump added, “Senator Sessions has given us some great ideas.”

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