Trump: ‘Flat Tax Is Okay’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump declared, “I think flat tax is okay” on Friday’s broadcast of the “Matt Murphy Show” on Birmingham, AL’s WAPI.

Trump said, “Who knows taxes better than me?” He continued, “You know, when they talk about fixing the tax, it’s so complicated, that people have to go and use H&R Block to do a $50,000 — a man who makes $50,000 has to spend money –.”

Host Matt Murphy then cut in to ask Trump if he supports the fair tax. Trump answered, “Well, I think fair tax is okay. And I think flat tax is okay. But, I think the simplest thing to get approved is just the simplification of the existing. You know, we can just simplify the existing, and then we can start thinking about other things. But, to move fast, the simplification would be very easy. I mean, we could take so many of these deductions, these false deductions off…which, by the way, benefit the wealthy. And lower taxes.” Trump added that the tax code doesn’t “take care of” the middle class, and he wants to “focus on” and “take care of” the middle class.

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