CNN: Oregon Shooter Rambled About ‘Hatred Toward Black Men,’ ‘Being a Virgin’ in Writings

On CNN’s “AC360” on Friday, without using his actual name, network justice correspondent Pamela Brown offered some insights into Chris Harper Mercer, the man responsible for the mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, OR.

According to the report, Mercer gave his writings to a survivor of the massacre, which revealed “hatred” toward black men and his struggles with the opposite sex.

“In the middle of the shooting rampage, the gunman handed his writings to a survivor to give to police according to sources. In those pages, the shooter rambled about his hatred toward black men and how he was frustrated about being a virgin unable to find a girlfriend.”

Brown went on to discussed the anti-Christianity aspect of his crime, but went back to his hatred of what was described to be “all different types of people,” including black men.

“As a result, we’ve been asking people today, Anderson, if he left any trail behind indicating that he was anti-Christian or had a dislike for organized religion,” she said. “So far all we’ve been able to find is on a social media page that apparently belonged to him. He said he disliked organized religion but in the writings we talked about in the piece, apparently he gave no indication other than saying he associated with the dark side. Law enforcement officials I’ve been speaking with say this is someone that hated all different types of people. We talked about earlier – he hated black men. He described frustration with women. This is one of those situations where you can’t really apply logic to what is obviously a very illogical situation here, Anderson.

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