Carson: ‘Sick And Tired’ of Media Bias, ‘Obscure Network’ CNBC Had ‘Preset Agenda,’ People Rising Up

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson criticized CNBC’s “preset agenda” and criticized the network as “an obscure network” while saying he’s “sick and tired” of media bias on Wednesday’s “Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

Carson said, “Well, I think that they obviously had an agenda, and when I compare them to the kind of questions that were asked of the Democrats in their debate, the difference is night and day. But the thing that was really encouraging to me is that the audience was able to pick up on the bias, and they were able to act accordingly, and I hope some of the media is starting to recognize this, because, as you know, I have been quite critical of the media. They have their own agenda. They try to formulate the opinions of the people, and I think that people are getting a little sick and tired of it. I know I am.”

He added, “I’m not sure that that many people watched the debate. I mean, it’s on against the World Series, and it’s on an obscure network. So, I mean, good luck with that.”

Carson also addressed his relationship with Mannatech and him telling their associates that Mannatech donated money to help him get an endowed chair, stating, “I had asked them, in lieu of my fee, to make the donation to the chair. I thought they were going to do it. They didn’t. So, I was mistaken. They never did.”

Carson concluded that the debate was “a gotcha set up, you know, each question that they asked, and I was glad that Senator Cruz called them out on it, on what they were doing. It didn’t change what they were doing, because they had [a] preset agenda. But nevertheless, it helps the people of America to be able to see what’s going on, and I think that this is going to be critical to what happens in our election next year. Will the people actually be able to understand how traditionally they have been manipulated and herded? And will they begin to think for themselves? And of course, Thomas Jefferson was the one who said that they would. He said we’ll reach this point where the government too big, infiltrated and tried to dominate our lives. Here we have the media being complicit with it, but that the people would wake up, recognize what was going on, rise up, and regain control. And I believe that that’s exactly what’s happening now.”

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