Ramos: Trump Promoting ‘Bigotry,’ ‘Can’t Understand’ Why Rubio and Cruz Aren’t Defending Immigrants

Univision and Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos stated Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is promoting “bigotry and discrimination through his speeches” and wondered why GOP candidates Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Florida Senator Marco Rubio weren’t “defending undocumented immigrants” or “defending other immigrants like their parents” on an episode of “The Axe Files” podcast released on Monday.

Ramos said he believes Trump has resonated with so many people because whenever there’s a problem in the US, or in many other countries, “instinctively, many people blame immigrants for that.”

He continued that he was expecting there to be no response to Trump, but now the Hispanic community is “responding with power” and pointed to Univision and NBC cutting ties with Trump, He added, “there are millions of people who think just like Donald Trump, that’s the truth, that — the best about the United States its — is it’s opportunities, but the worst, and still is discrimination and racism.” Ramos further accused Trump of promoting “bigotry and discrimination through his speeches.”

Ramos was then asked about Cruz and Rubio, he stated, “those Latinos, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, have decided not to defend undocumented immigrants. And this breaks a long tradition of important Latino figures, that have taken in their own hands, the responsibility of defending undocumented immigrants. … I still can’t believe, how come Marco Rubio, who’s the son of immigrants, both his parents were born in Cuba, or Ted Cruz, whose father, Rafael Cruz, was born in Cuba, how come they are not defending other immigrants like their parents? I really can’t understand that. I think it is very important to have two Latinos running for the White House, and I think that the Democratic Party has a problem.”

Ramos elaborated on his point that there is a lack of diversity in the Democratic Party, criticizing Democrats for not training candidates, and dismissing Democrats pointing to President Obama in response to questions about their party’s lack of diversity as “so 2008.”

He later said that Rubio, Cruz, “if he does better,” and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush could win enough of the Hispanic vote to win a general election, but that Latino voters will not take a “serious look” at the GOP unless it puts away the issue of immigration, “and they are not willing to do that.” Ramos also said it’s “impossible” for Trump to win the Hispanic vote.

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