Freddie Gray Attorney: People From Majority White County Can’t Judge Officers in a Balanced Way

On Saturday’s “Melissa Harris-Perry” on MSNBC, Freddie Gray’s attorney Billy Murphy Jr., while discussing the death of Tamir Rice, stated that a county like Cuyahoga County, OH that is “predominantly white” is unable to “properly” process shooting deaths of African-Americans by white officers.

“We have to confront race. Especially Cuyahoga County. When you have a county that is predominantly white, they have a difference experience with the police. They see officer friendly. We see officer unfriendly. Actually, we see officer mean. So this is not something that they can properly, in a balanced way, process.”

“And then when you add race to the equation, because some of these people are racist, then you have a really toxic mix that keeps you getting these prosecutors are going to cover up what’s going on in the black community because it’s not in their political best interest to do anything else,” he added.

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