NFL Players Association Dr: Sports Now ‘Win at All Cost,’ Lack of Camaraderie Among Players

Saturday on MSNBC, Connecticut neurologist and neurologic consultant to the NFL Players Association Dr. Anthony Alessi discussed the league’s concussion issue.

With the movie “Concussion” coming out on Christmas Day, concussions in the NFL have been brought more to light outside of the sports community. Dr. Alessi noted the recent targeting of an opponent’s head by New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. as someone “risking” their own brain to “attack another athlete,” which he stated is brought out by players needing to win at all cost.

“I think sports have changed to now win at all costs. We’ve lost that camaraderie among players and that brotherhood among players, where the only thing they’re thinking about is, ‘How I get myself ahead, even if I have to injure the other person permanently or injure myself.’ So that’s an educational process that we’re undertaking with the player’s association. And hopefully with the cooperation and continued cooperation of the NFL.”

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