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Report: CNN Pressured Dr. Drew ‘Like the Mafia’ to Retract Clinton Health Comments

When HLN cancelled Dr. Drew in August, the network said the decision was “mutually agreed” upon by both network executives and the show’s host, Dr. Drew Pinsky — but according to a report, executives at CNN (HLN’s sister network) pressured Pinsky to retract comments he made about Hillary Clinton’s health before the show was cancelled a few days later.


Jeff Gordon Steps Into the Driver’s Seat for Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Jeff Gordon officially agreed to come out of retirement to race Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s car as the driver normally behind the #88 car recovers from a concussion. Gordon substitutes for Earnhardt at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday and at Pocono Raceway a week later.

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NHL Concussion Emails More Embarrassing Than Incriminating

A U.S. federal court in Minnesota, as part of an ongoing lawsuit over concussions in the NHL, unsealed a mountain of emails from and among league executives. There is a lot of information contained in the emails –not surprisingly, it’s not all flattering. What is surprising, however, is the raw, sometimes cavalier, manner in which league executives discussed head injuries and related issues.

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NHL Rejects Concussion Defense for Hit on Ref

The NHL rejected a “concussion defense” for Dennis Wideman cross-checking a referee and upheld a suspension of the Calgary Flames defenseman for 20 games on Wednesday.

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Hillary Clinton Has Coughing Fit During Speech

Hillary Clinton suffered a coughing fit lasting over a minute at a Jewish Federation campaign stop in Iowa Monday, raising further questions about her health and stamina during this election season. Breitbart News led the coverage of Clinton’s slowness

Clinton coughing fit

‘Concussion’ Review: Preachy, Manipulative, Dull TV Movie

If you’re interested in the seemingly endless factual inaccuracies in “Concussion,” my colleague Dan Flynn has already knocked that ball out of the park.  Not being a football fan, I walked into the theatre as a movie fan, which is


Will Smith: ‘Everybody Is Prejudiced,’ But ‘Racism Is Actually Rare’

Will Smith says that prejudice could not have affected his massively successful acting career because, at the end of the day, “everybody is prejudiced” – but “racism is actually rare,” the star notes, and “America is the only place on Earth” that allows “people that look like” him the opportunity to be a star.