Kristol: Hillary Defended Bill, Attacked His Accusers Knowing He Lied

Thursday on CNN’s “The Lead,” Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol said Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton defended her husband former president Bill Clinton against the multiple allegations of sexual misconduct in his career by attacking his accusers when she knew he was lying.

Kristol said, “It’s probably smart politics for Donald Trump. One is able to be anti-Trump and anti Hillary Clinton at the same time. Here’s a fact, Bill Clinton lied in 1992 about Jennifer Flowers when running for president. He lied under oath about Paula Jones. He lied about Monica Lewinsky. Hillary Clinton defended him, I think in some of those cases knowing he was lying and defending him. It is legitimate to say is that really the record of someone who stands up for women in all cases. And she in fact, had people going out and attacking Monica Lewinsky and calling her crazy and delusional.”

He continued, “Monica Lewinsky was telling the truth. Paula Jones was telling the truth. That’s just a fact.”

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