Fmr Obama DIA Head Flynn: ‘Not Proud’ Of Refugee Screening Process, People In System ‘Frustrated’ With Limitations

Former Defense Intelligence Agency head Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (Ret.) said that he’s “not proud” of the US’ screening process, which doesn’t “have the right capabilities” and has “limitations” that have “enormously frustrated” people within the immigration system that he knows during an interview on Friday’s broadcast of Fox News Radio’s “Kilmeade and Friends.”

Flynn stated that Europe’s problems with refugees aren’t “as public in this country as it should be. And that’s part of telling ourselves the truth about this. And frankly, that truth has got to come from the top of our government.”

When asked what he thought of the screening process for Syrian and Iraqi refugees, Flynn responded, “I’m not proud of the screening process.” He continued that friends of his in the immigration system are “enormously frustrated with some of the limitations and some of the restrictions that they’re under.” Flynn added that while there are great people within the immigration system doing great things, “we don’t have the right capabilities.”

Earlier Flynn said, “I don’t think enough people in our country see it [ISIS] for what it is, and I think part of that is because our leadership has really denied the fact of who this is that we’re facing. And they’ve really — I think they’ve failed to tell the truth.” Flynn added that part of a leader’s responsibility is to make whatever they lead better long-term, and “I just don’t feel that the leadership right now is looking at the long haul for our country’s national security, and they’re going to leave a mess for the next president, whoever that president is.”

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