Limbaugh: Some Sports Media ‘More Open and Blatant’ with Liberal Bias Than Traditional Media

Friday on his radio show, conservative host Rush Limbaugh discussed liberal bias in the sports media.

Limbaugh, who resigned from ESPN in 2003 after making his controversial comments on former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, explained that he would not name names, but there is some bias in the sports media that is more left-leaning than you see in traditional news media.

“You have some sports media people who are more open and blatant about their left-wing liberal bias than in the news media.”

He then added that liberalism is in “direct opposition to what makes sports work,” saying the bias could damage the media’s credibility.

“Liberalism, I find it in direct opposition to what makes sports work. If these clowns aren’t careful, they’re going to kill the very industries from which they derive their living. They’re gonna damage their credibility … look what’s happening to the NFL now,” Limbaugh said.

The radio host went on to say that if there was recently a shooting, a commentator on a nationally televised game will go on to “deliver you a sermon” on the shooting at halftime.

“Now, it’s almost when you watch a nationally televised game with nationally known commentators you sit there, wait for it to come. If there’s a gun shooting, you wait for somebody at halftime to deliver you a sermon on it.”

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