Graham: 70% Of People Will Not Vote for Donald Trump — ‘Completely Unelectable’

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is a “kook” and “70 percent of the people will not vote for Donald Trump.”

Graham said, “He got mad and he doesn’t have the temperament or judgment to control himself when he gets mad. This is kookland. This accusation comes from the far, far, far left, the conspiracy theories of the world. If I’s Barack Obama and a Democrat I would do everything I could nominate Donald Trump. He has disparaged woman. He has an 80% disapproval rating among Hispanics. At the end of the day he would be the most flawed nominee in the history of the Republican party. When you slander George W. Bush in South Carolina I hope there are some repercussions that flow from that. But to say Bush was responsible for 9/11 and he lied about the Iraq War is not going to go down well here, I hope.”

He continued, “I’m not going to try to get into the mind of Donald Trump. Because I don’t think there is a lot of space there. I think he’s a kook. I think he is crazy. I think he’s unfit or office. And I’m a Republican and he is not. He not a conservative Republican he is an opportunist. He could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and 25-to-30 percent people would still follow him because he gives voice to their anger and their frustration. But he is not fit to be president of the Untied States. Anybody Republican who would accuses George W. Bush of lying  to the American people about the Iraq war and he is responsible for 9/11 is not a Republican. They are an extremist. They are crazy.”

“Trump gives voice to frustration and anger that’s real,” Graham said. “He accused most illegal  being rapists and drug dealers. He plays into the idea that maybe Obama is a Muslim. There are a lot of people in my party frustrated and angry with the Obama Administration. He gives voice to that anger. Seventy-percent of us in South Carolina believe Donald Trump is not a conservative Republican. We believe he’s unfit for office. He doesn’t have the temperament or judgement. But when he accused President George W. Bush, who we admire in large numbers here, of lying to the American people after the Iraq war and being responsible for the most vicious attack on our homeland since World War II Pearl Harbor.”
He added, “Seventy-percent of the people will not vote for Donald Trump. He is completely unelectable. He has the an 80 percent disapproval rating with the fastest growing demographic in America, the Hispanic community, with growth potential. Sixty-percent of the people in a recent poll believe that Donald Trump would be the most likely, best candidate to beat Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, with all due respect you are absolutely  dead wrong. He would get slaughtered as a party  if Donald Trump  our nominee and quite frankly we would deserve it.”
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