Schieffer: ‘Entirely Possible the Republican Party Could Break In Half After’ 2016 Election

Friday on “CBS This Morning,” former host of the network’s Sunday program “Face The Nation” Bob Schieffer weighed in on the 2016 Republican presidential primary contest.

Schieffer said at this point in the contest, a split within the GOP was “entirely possible.”

“I tell you i’m not ready to predict this yet, but I think it is entirely possible that the Republican Party could break in half after this,” Schieffer said. “I mean, I don’t know if that is going to happen, but I think there is now a possibility of that.”

Later in the segment, Schieffer described the situation as “unchartered waters” and said an open convention was also possible.

“This whole thing is kind of scary,” Schieffer added. “This whole thing is really kind of scary, because we are moving into unchartered waters here. You know, if Jeb Bush finishes fourth here, he probably lives to go for another day, at least to Super Tuesday. You may have four people coming out of there. So I’m not sure the race is whittled all that much. I think we will have an open convention on the Republican side and who knows, might have two. All reporters are hoping that happens. We can’t put our wishes ahead of our logic and our analysis because we have never had one and we all think, wow, this would be the most fun thing in the world for us.”

(h/t RCP Video)

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