Cornel West: ‘Hillary Clinton Is the Milli Vanilli of American Politics’

Monday on CNN’s “New Day,” professor and activist Cornel West likened Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to Milli Vanilli, the 1990’s pop duo that was disgraced over lip-synching their Grammy award-wining album.

West said, “Sister Hillary Clinton is the Milli Vanilli of American politics. She lip-syncs, she gives lip service,  but when it comes to policy, who supported the crime bill? Who supported, not just the deregulating of banks, but also pulled the rug from under welfare? She talks about her work with the Children’s Defense Fund way back in the ’70s —doesn’t say a word about being a Goldwater girl, doesn’t say a word about supporting the candidate who Martin Luther King called… there is no moral case for Goldwater, the most dangerous politician. She vigorously campaigning.  She shows up and gives wonderful speeches sounding like Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders on the ground getting arrested.  The problem is black voters don’t know his history, they know the symbolic language of Hillary Clinton. But on the ground she is calling black youth super predators in the 1990’s. That is the most meaning degrading language to our precious young folk who sometimes do the wrong thing. We know they have gangsters on Wall Street. How many Wall Street. executives go to jail? She is the hero. She is too tied to Wall Street with all that big Wall Street money flowing her way brother.”

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