Kasich: ‘I Don’t Favor Closing Gitmo’


Republican presidential candidate Ohio Governor John Kasich expressed his opposition to closing Guantanamo Bay on Tuesday’s “America’s Newsroom” on the Fox News Channel.

Kasich said, “Well, I haven’t seen the plan, but I don’t favor closing Gitmo. I don’t understand it. Look, these are people, some of whom are the worst of the worst. And why would we send them into our country? I just don’t understand it. So, look, he promised it in the campaign, when my people said this morning he was going to do this, I said, ‘Why is he doing this?’ They said, ‘Campaign promise.’ So, all I can tell you is I profoundly disagree.”

He added, “[T]he question is, does the Congress have any authority to act, in this? I don’t know what the procedure will be, but I just don’t support it.”

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