Boxing Promoter Bob Arum Uppercuts Trump: ‘This Man Is a Clown’

On Wednesday, boxing promoter Bob Arum blasted GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump on FOX Sports Radio‘s “J.T. ‘The Brick,'” saying it “would be a terribly sad day for America” if Trump was elected President of the United States.

Arum said he does business around the world, and people are laughing at the prospect of Trump becoming president.

“Donald Trump being where he is now in the political spectrum and being a possibility to win the Republican nomination, is in my mind, the biggest knock on the American people. I do business around the world and everybody is laughing at us. This man is a clown,” he said.

Arum continued, “There is no conceivable way that anybody should consider him in an office as important as President of the United States. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan would be turning in their graves if they saw what was happening now. The man speaks horribly of other people, he doesn’t represent people that I imagine as being great Americans who have a view of America that have made us great. He’s talking nonsense and he’s talking hate and if the people ever elected him President of the United States, it would be a terribly sad day for America.”

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