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Jason Whitlock: Liberalism Teaches Black People White Supremacy

In a Monday appearance on Fox Sports Radio’s “Outkick the Coverage,” Fox Sports 1’s Jason Whitlock argued that liberalism and the victim mentality has taught black people to believe they are “nothing” without the white politicians saving them. “[I]f you

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FS1’s Clay Travis: Sports Leaders Have Become Worse Than Politicians

During Thursday’s “Outkick the Coverage” on Fox Sports 1 radio, host Clay Travis reacted to the NCAA’s removal of championship events from the state of North Carolina because of the state’s controversial bathroom bill, as well as the NBA who removed


Boxing Promoter Bob Arum Uppercuts Trump: ‘This Man Is a Clown’

On Wednesday, boxing promoter Bob Arum blasted GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump on FOX Sports Radio‘s “J.T. ‘The Brick,’” saying it “would be a terribly sad day for America” if Trump was elected President of the United States. Arum said he does business