Hannity: Perceptions of Lewandowski-Fields Incident Based on Who People Support — Incident Is ‘Nothing’

Talk radio host Sean Hannity argued that perceptions of the incident between Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and then-Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields “are based on who they support for the nomination” and that the incident was “nothing” on Wednesday.

Hannity said the battery charges were “insane.” He further brought up other incidents of staffers for liberal candidates getting physical with people.

Hannity later added that people’s perceptions of the Lewandowski-Fields incident “are based on who they support for the nomination.” He repeated that the incident was “nothing.” Although he stated that he understood why Fields might have a different perception, but later sarcastically remarked that “I didn’t know touching was illegal.”

Hannity later criticized the “circular firing squad” within the GOP, and said it was “suicidal insanity” that would lead to “President Hillary Clinton.”

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