AP’s Pace: Trump Still in Strongest Position of Any of the Candidates Left

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” Associated Press White House Correspondent Julie Pace declared that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was in the “strongest position” of the remaining candidates.

Pace said, “I think that Trump is still in the strongest position of any of these candidates that are left. He’s, according to the AP delicate count, he’s the only one that can clinch the nomination through the regular voting process. At the same time, he has to do much better than he’s been doing in order for that to happen. There is still room for Ted Cruz in particular to go on a good run in the remaining contacts and get close to him in the delegate count, which would put us in a contested convention fight.

She added, “And I think the problem for Trump with what’s happened over the last week or so is that while he’s been Teflon on a lot of these comments that he’s made, politicians tend to get in trouble when they do things that reinforce a negative perception of them. And he did that on two fronts this week. One was highlighting what seems to be a lack of depth on policy with his comments on abortion. And, two, is highlighting problems that he has with women. And so I think reinforcing both of those negatives could have problems going forward, but it is important, when you look at the math, to note that he is the only one who can clinch through this regular process.”

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