Buchanan: Ted Cruz Is an ‘Indispensable Instrument’ of the Establishment

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” conservative commentator Pat Buchanan was asked to react to Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s statement a night earlier following his defeat by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) in the Wisconsin GOP presidential primary.

Host Neil Cavuto argued it was lacking in graciousness. However, Buchanan said there was some truth to it.

“What the statement lacked in graciousness, it made up in honesty,” Buchanan said. “Look, I agree with you basically, always be magnanimous, then go on to the next campaign. But there is no doubt about it, Ted Cruz is the instrument of the establishment, which does not like Ted Cruz, which detests Ted Cruz, many of them — folks like Lindsay Graham. Why are they backing him? Because’s the instrument in which they hope to bring down and destroy Donald Trump.”

Buchanan went on to make the case Cruz was this “instrument” and said Cruz could promptly lose the support of the establishment once he is the nominee.

“Let me basically agree — your criticism, I agree with it,” Buchanan added. “I think he ought to be more magnanimous. I think he says things he shouldn’t say. He goes off on tangents and issues and it may cost him the nomination. I do agree the establishment is out to kill his candidacy and the instrument they have, the indispensable instrument is Ted Cruz. I don’t say — I think Cruz is out for Ted Cruz as the nominee, but if he beats Trump somehow and moves toward the nomination, I think he will find a lot of these people abandoning him very rapidly. But here’s no doubt about this fact — is that I think either Trump wins this on the first ballot, Neil, or Trump loses the nomination.”

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