Herman Cain: Trump ‘Can Peel Off Some of the Black Voters’ From Hillary

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File,” 2012 GOP presidential hopeful and current talk radio host Herman Cain was asked to a claim from TV host Tavis Smiley calling current GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump a “racial arsonist.”

After his response, host Megyn Kelly asked if Trump could win over black voters, to which Cain argued he could based on elements of his platform cut up into the proper sound bites.

“[D]onald can peel off some of the black voters and here’s why,” Cain said. “When it’s down to one-on-one — I know we’re not there yet and if it it is Trump versus Clinton — if Trump starts to put his platform and his ideas that helps everybody at the front of his speech, Those are the sound bites that people will begin to hear. The reason that there’s this so-called divide between the perception of black people and women and non-minorities is because that’s all they have been fed in terms of some of the spoon-fed sound bites.”

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