Ken Cuccinelli: Trump Campaign Taking ‘a Banana Republic Approach’ to the Delegate System

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” former Virginia attorney general and delegate operations director for Republican presidential hopeful Sen.Ted Cruz (R-TX) Ken Cuccinelli said Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign is taking “a banana republic approach” to how they are handling the GOP’s delegate rules.

When asked to clarify his remarks on the Trump campaign’s “gestapo tactics,” Cuccinelli said, “Yes, absolutely. How about calling for riots in the street? How about threats: we’re going to go to the hotel rooms of delegates; death threats to the Colorado Republican chairman? I can give you answers to those questions, George, but they can’t. And they keep using the rhetoric. This is a banana republic approach from the Trump team because they’re getting beat on the ground. They have a media campaign that is — you know, is — gets a lot of media attention. But Ted Cruz has built a grassroots campaign on people and people’s vision across America and they’re carrying this forward. You know, we’re winning because thousands of Americans have risen up to Ted’s message, to get behind that and to win in these conventions and in these caucuses and in these primaries and we’re doing it. And we’re going to keep doing it through June 7 and then on to Cleveland.”

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