Buchanan: Kerry Made ‘Heroic Effort’ For Two-State Solution With Israel, But ‘Hard to Disagree’ With Bibi’s Position

Columnist Pat Buchanan argued that while “it’s hard to disagree with” Bibi Netanyahu’s position that Israel will keep the territory it has, Secretary of State John Kerry “made a heroic effort” to with his attempts to get a two-state solution on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.”

While discussing the prospects for a two-state solution, Buchanan said, “Bibi Netanyahu didn’t want to get out of Gaza. He’s been building settlements, every year, new settlements in the West Bank. There’s 650,000 Israelis in East Jerusalem, and on the West Bank. He has said this past week that he — we’re never going to give up the Golan Heights. They belong to us now. And I think Kerry tried this for 18 months, made a heroic effort, got nowhere. I think it’s a waste of our time, really, to try to push Bibi Netanyahu in this direction.”

He later added, “[I]t’s hard to disagree with — well, Bibi is saying, look, we’ve got enemies all around us. Hamas, Hezbollah, good heavens, we don’t know who’s going to wind up in Damascus, we’re not giving up a thing. We’re going to keep what we got.”

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