Noonan: Voters Are ‘Endorsing’ Trump, ‘Rebuking’ GOP Leadership

Wednesday on “CBS This Morning,” Wall Street Journal columnist and former speechwriter for President Ronald Reagan Peggy Noonan said the millions of Donald Trump voters were not just “endorsing Trump, but “rebuking” the GOP leadership in Washington, DC as well.

Noonan said, “It’s an unusual nominee who they did not imagine even against all the signs the past few months would be the nominee. There’s something even more unusual than that. Donald Trump won just about 10.5 million votes along the way to winning the nomination. Those voters were, in effect, not only endorsing Trump, they were rebuking Republican leadership in Washington. It is now Republican leadership in Washington that has to come together with Trump and his people and figure out a way to go forward when they disagree on so very much.”

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