Carville: Trump May Not Be Republican Nominee

Tuesday night on MSNBC’s primary voting coverage, long-time Clinton adviser and Democratic operative James Carville said there is a possibility the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will not be the final nominee after the Republican National Convention this summer in Cleveland, OH.

Carville said, “I honestly believe this, I think there’s some chance that Trump will not be the nominee. I think what we see and hear is a real unraveling. For today the news that came in that people are not endorsing him and pulling back and everything else. I think this thing is going at a lot faster speed than we can imagine. The pressure on him will be enormous.”

When asked how it would be possible for Republicans to remove Trump, he continued, “I don’t know. I suspect they would have to nominate Cruz or somebody very conservative, because you would have to look at the delegates that are going to be in Cleveland. They can’t un-delegate. They can pass any rule. They have the power to pass rules.”

He added, “I just really, really think — from this is what we call in law school, a declaration against interest. I would like for him to be the nominee. I don’t know what will happen in Cleveland if he’s not. I honestly believe, and I’ve been texting and talking to a lot of political people back and forth, and they don’t think I’m crazy. They think there’s some chance it could happen like this.”

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