Michelle Fields Denies Writing Section of Own Book, Walks Out of Interview

Tuesday on Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” while discussing presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski being fired, former Breitbart News reporter Michelle Fields, who was involved in a grabbing incident with Lewandowski, abruptly cut off her interview with host Steve Malzberg.

Fields began to smile uncomfortably when Malzberg first challenged Fields’ assertion that the Florida prosecutor had agreed to not charge Lewandowski, but simply investigate the incident, in hopes of an apology from Lewandowski for Fields.

Malzberg then questioned Fields on her assertion during an appearance on CNN earlier in the day that Trump supporting his sister as a judge publicly while not ever appointing her to any position is nepotism. Fields then declared they would have to agree to disagree on the definition of nepotism.

But it was when Malzberg brought up a quote from Fields’ book which he credits to a chapter titled “A Note to the Reader” that Fields ended the interview, while denying the quote was in her book, “Barons of the Beltway.”

Fields said, “I have to run. I am on a tight schedule, and it seems as though you do not want to talk about my book.”

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