Clift: I’m Not Sure Venezuela’s Economy Would Be Much Better ‘If The Capitalists Were In Charge’

On Friday’s “McLaughlin Group,” The Daily Beast’s Eleanor Clift said that she isn’t sure Venezuela’s economy would be much better “[I]f the capitalists were in charge of the economy,” and that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro “has taken care of the poor.”

Clift stated, “There are no good guys here, if — and the villain really is the economy, because the oil prices have tanked, and there’s no money. And what we’re seeing is actually middle class voters, who have been hurt the most, really, because they’ve kind of lost their entree to the government, and Maduro is a socialist and has taken care of the poor.”

She later added, “[I]f the capitalists were in charge of the economy during this period, I don’t know that it would have been much better. Their economy is going through a wrenching change.”

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