Krauthammer: In Middle of Wartime, Impression Is the Pentagon ‘Is Entirely Devoted’ to Social Experimentation, Social Work

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer reacted to the day’s announcement that the Pentagon would be ending its transgender ban policy.

Krauthammer criticized the “out of whack” priorities of Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s Pentagon in a time of war.

“I think what’s so striking here is the juxtaposition of two stories,” Krauthammer said. “One, the announcement by Carter of the change in the policy on transgender people. The other is a story that was not really covered almost anywhere, the fact that what’s left of the Free Syrian Army, this is the Pentagon-trained fighters who are Arab, not Kurds, who had been disseminated before, they launched, what’s left of them, launched an attack an assault on ISIL in eastern Syria and got crushed. They were put to flight. ISIS has already shown video of prisoners being beheaded.”

“Now, the job of the Pentagon is to fight wars and keep us safe,” he continued. “You are getting the impression that in the middle of wartime and this is wartime, the Pentagon is entirely devoted to social experimentation and social work. I have no problem with the policy in and of itself, but is this what the Pentagon should be working on at the time when the policy ought to be to direct the armed forces and the training to win a war that is killing people everywhere from Orlando to Ankara? I just think the priorities are completely out of whack.”

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